Scandal Finale: You’re Either Really Happy Right Now, Or Really Not
There are two types of Scandal fans right now: those who are happy about #Olitz and those who are not. Straight up, people are acting like this was the NBA Finals and their favorite team won – or lost if you were #TeamJake. But that’s what makes Scandal fans so awesome. They are passionate about Olivia and her world and they want her to make the best choices. In the season-four finale Thursday night, Olivia chose Fitz. Some fans have been waiting for this for three years:   Others wanted Jake and Liv to dance in the sun and live happily ever after:   Not to take sides, but the #Olitz love affair seems tarnished somehow. For one thing, Mellie and Fitz were starting to really work together and they were happy. She’s a senator now and Fitz helped make that happen. But in the end, Mellie was responsible for the murder of 16 grand jurors and for Fitz it was a deal breaker. Heck, some fans were even mad at Mellie for giving Papa Pope that list.   AND:   Meanwhile, Cyrus lost his career, Mama Pope got her freedom, Papa Pope lost his freedom – Yay, Olivia defeated him finally – and Jake walked away from Olivia once she was safe and told her to go get Fitz. Sigh. Jake, you’re a better man than most. As for Huck, we’re guessing Quinn didn’t kill him but it is sick and wrong that Huck was the one who killed those jurors. Yes, he did it to save his family. But even more than Mellie, he has to live with the consequence of his actions.   Other highlights: Lizzie Bear defeated Cyrus and snatched his job, Rosen still loves Abby enough to save her life and the Brandon Bill passed. Yes, the bill that so many fans wished were real got passed and Clarence Parker didn’t lose his son in vain.   But no one cares about the Brandon bill. Olivia and Fitz are together at last after all this time and love it or hate it, their star-crossed love affair has been what Scandal has been about all along. Cue Nina Simone singing “Here Comes the Sun.” What did you think of the season-four finale of Scandal, are you happy that #Olitz finally connected and will you miss the show until the fall? Weigh in below and have a great summer:


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