While there are some who continue to question why Roots has been remade, others are amazed by the casting, acting, cinematography and updated approach the television miniseries accomplished when it kicked off Monday night on the History channel. 

British actor Malachi Kirby is spellbinding as Kunta Kinte and Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker delivers yet another convincing performance. This time around he’s playing Fiddler, one of Kunta’s few allies on the plantation. 

Anika Noni-Rose Says She was Initially ‘Conflicted’ About Being a Part of the ‘Roots’ Remake


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A number of scenes struck a chord but the part where a group of enslaved Africans sing in their native tongue in an attempt to escape a slave ship was especially powerful. In contrast, an especially brutal scene where Kunta is recaptured, beaten and forced to say his slave name “Toby,” was harder to watch than ever.

Seeing African men and women treated like chattel on the Middle Passage was equally soul crushing. 

What did you think of the reimagined Roots? Overdue or overdone? Weigh in below. 

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