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'Roots' Recap: Free at Last

‘Roots’ Recap: Free at Last
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Fight to stay free.

That was the most powerful message Tom (Sedale Threatt Jr.) conveyed when he lifted up above his head his first child born into freedom on the thrilling and worthwhile finale of History’s Roots Thursday night. 

Like his great-great-grandfather Omoro Kinte did when his great-grandfather Kunta Kinte was born and so on, Tom continued the African tradition of presenting a baby with the only thing greater – God and heavens – and it was stupendous how this and other parts of the story came full circle. 

‘Roots’ Recap: Fleeting Freedom


Chicken George returned and ended up saving Tom’s life not once but twice and Tom, resentful at first that George had been gone all those years, ended up saving his father too when the spirit of Kunta led the way. Tom even resembled Kunta. Now that’s great casting.

But the scene that had everyone cheering was when old George shot Frederick when the racist buffoon tried to kill Tom. Boom. Can somebody please give Regé-Jean Page the Emmy now?

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Other noteworthy scenes included the senseless and racist massacre of Black Union soldiers and Matilda’s (Erica Tazel in her most stirring performance to date) moving monologue upon hearing that slavery was over. 

“Blessed is this earth, because my people lie beneath it. Blessed is the rain because it moistens their faces. Blessed is the wind because it carries their names back to us,” Matilda said. “I’m so thankful this war is done. Just don’t ask me to half up my skirt and dance. I can’t measure these days in flags and armies. Only in the ones that I’m missing.”

Thankfully, Matilda’s prayer wasn’t in vain and Chicken George once again found her and they were together at last. Because at the end of the day, Roots is a love story about Black families and Black resilience. 

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What did you think of the Roots remake and its conclusion? Were you thrilled or disappointed? Weigh in below.

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