‘Roots’ Recap: Fleeting Freedom
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Chicken George is a character you can’t help but root for and love in both the original Roots and the remake.

At the same time, the minute he trusted his father-slash-master Tom Lea, was the minute we all knew he was doomed in part three of the miniseries, which aired Wednesday night.

Even with that knowledge and the cold and inhumane way Tom (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) treated George (the stunningly charismatic Rege-Jean Page) during the Nat Turner uprising, there was a moment when it seemed like the last thing Tom would do was sell his only son. Heck, he even gave him emancipation papers. But George’s brush with freedom was fleeting.

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Blame it on pride, greed, racism or all three but Tom was an ignorant and shortsighted fool who in the end, despite everything George did for him, sold George to settle a gambling debt. And just like that, Roots ripped out our hearts once again.

Another heartbreaking scene was watching Kizzy (the amazing Anika Noni Rose) turn down happiness to protect Marcellus (Michael James Shaw) and her family from Tom. She could’ve been happy with Marcellus but then again maybe she knew on some level that Tom would never sell her to him and that at least if she stayed, she could protect George, Matilda (Erica Tazel) and her grandchildren.

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Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the few bright spots in this Roots remake: the beautiful cast.

Seriously, are these men getting more gorgeous with each night or is it just us?

Hey, we’ll take all the levity and eye candy we can get. Thanks, Black Twitter. What do you think of the Roots remake thus far and did you cry more when Kizzy lost Marcellus or when Tom sold Chicken George? Weigh in below. 

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