Would you watch a sequel of the 90’s cult classic B*A*P*S? That’s the question the movie’s director, Robert Townsend, also of the Five Heartbeats fame, asked fans in a recent post on social media. “I directed Baps starring [Halle Berry] and written by [Troy Byer],” he wrote in an Instagram caption. “With all the reboots going on, here’s the question of the day: would you go see a sequel to Baps?” The 1997 film follows the tale of Nisi (Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle Reid), two Southern waitresses, who fly to Los Angeles to audition for a music video. Still, they eventually find themselves living on the estate of a wealthy billionaire. Like the reviews when the film was first released, reactions to Townsend’s question were mixed. But many also seemed open to it, including actress Danielle Brooks who once dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween. Byer, who wrote the film based on her own life, took to her Instagram to thank those who responded positively to the idea of a sequel. “I am so touched by all the love around [Robert Townsend] and his question about making a sequel to #BAPS,“ she said. ”I wrote #BAPS based on my painful and once shameful personal experience when I went from living in the hood to living in a women’s homeless shelter and then finally moving to Bel-Air.“ She continued: “I used to be so embarrassed by my lack of education and knowledge of proper etiquette, but I never let that stop me from pursuing my passion and living purposefully.” Berry has yet to comment on the sequel chatter.