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[MUSIC] Hey, this is Demetria Lucas D'oyley and we are on with Rob Riley. Hello, sir. What's happening, lady?>> It's good to see you. Same here, same here. I follow you on Instagram, I'm surprised you're in the country. Like you're all over the place, all the time.>> [LAUGH] Well, I just got back, I was in Bermuda early last week and then in Hollywood for [INAUDIBLE] You know me and the Carnivals. Okay. You and the Carnivals? Yeah, yeah. What's with the Carnivals? Well, you know, I own a company called Hollywood Massive which is a dual production company that is focused on raising cultural awareness about the Caribbean and cultures like it. But I believe Carnival is something that brings the world together, it's a very uniting force If you look at any Latin or Caribbean nation, America's like this too. Yes. But you look at any Latin or Caribbean nation, you put up the flag of that country, and ask everyone who identifies with that flag to stand under it, you will see every shade of brown there is. to the whitest shade of white, to the blackest black. Yes. You know, every country has it inherent nonsense. Racism, homophobia, classism, ageism, so on, and so forth. But during a carnival, all of that goes away. All of it goes- Everybody is just- Everybody is one. Partying, music- It's literally people operating at the height of humanity. Okay. Because all you care about is the person next to you being okay and having a good time. And if you can do that on Carnival Tuesday than you- You should be able to do it on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So when you're not at Carnival, you've been taping a new show for TV1 Bad Dad Rehab? Yes, yes. Okay, tell me about that. Bad Dad Rehab is a film that comes out Sunday. Okay. July 3rd, and it's a great film. Myself, Wesley Jonathan, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Ri'chard, and Malik Yoba. Okay. And it's about four fathers who haven't been Been accepting the responsibilities, call them deadbeats if you will. Are you one of those dads on the show? I am one of those dads. okay. And every one of those fathers figures it out through a different circumstance and then they work to try to rectify the situation throughout the film, and they are all part of a counseling In group which is run by Maliquio, but in this counseling group is four men who are either trying to be better fathers. Some that may need help with their legal issues, and some that just dont' know how to be a father at all maybe because they didn't have one, or their father was a certain way, etc, etc. So, it's definitely a film with a message. It's a film that's going to spark a dialogue. It's a film Can you know be a force for change in our community and at the very least it gives you the message that it's not too late to be a part of your child's life. And I also saw you were down in Miami recently? Yes. And you got a bunch of awards. ABFF. Yes. Yeah with another film called Destined. Okay what's Destined? Destined is a film that was shot in Detroit. It's about Detroit written and directed by Qasim Basir, the writer of Muslim. It's a great film about choices, about life choices, about the fact that it's never too late to take your life in a different path but specifically its about young people growing up in an urban environment and you have that moment where your life is going to go left or right. Awesome. Well catch up with Essence. We'll find him at a carnival. Somewhere near you.

Actor Rob Riley Talks New TV Movie, ‘Bad Dad Rehab’

The actor reflects on the importance of the movie’s message at this year’s ESSENCE Festival.