This season of Insecure has been a whirlwind as Issa and Lawrence rebound from their relationship.

In Sunday night’s episode — SPOILER ALERT! — Lawrence bounced back from Tasha by partaking in a threesome, which left viewers hoping that Issa’s ex had used protection after meeting the two girls in a grocery store not long before hooking up.




This isn’t the first time fans have been concerned about condom use on the show. Fans have worried about Issa’s recent condom use as she goes through her ‘’hoe phase,” enjoying herself and going on a few dates.


The show’s star and creator, Issa Rae, took to Twitter Sunday night to address everyone’s concerns, pointing out that condoms are always in the background of scenes. 

While Rae’s response helped a lot of people breathe easy, some fans are a little upset that condom use on the television has become an issue. 




Sure, some people might be bothered that next season might feature Lawrence or Issa reaching for a condom or putting one on, but why be upset about an opportunity to show safe sex? 

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