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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] The baddest **** in the housewife franchise are back and it is time for Atlanta to shine. Mimi Is back. Her and her lace fronts, those wigs, honey. Those wigs are back.>> She is back and ready to put her nose into everybodys business.>> Well you know what's a new nose.>> A brand new nose.>> She got new business.>> Quality nose.>> Come on. Get it girl.>> I'm excited that she's back. I'm also kind of just like She has to start the path [INAUDIBLE]. So someone else has to come do it. I just feel like there's so much negativity and this is coming from me who is like I'm just sometimes a negative person. Sometimes? [LAUGH] Any who, I feel like even he is to negative for me. He's also that auntie who's like Always loud and telling your business Yes. and always yelling and saying dumb stuff Absolutely and you're just like why are you talking? But that's also like the favorite aunt that you want to go shopping with No. Because you know she's going to take you to go get cocktails afterwords. I do not. She's going to spill some family secrets and your going to learn all about how your uncle used to sleep with your aunt, and now it's a whole mess. I'm very much [UNKNOWN] mind ya business. So that's what I'm gonna do. [LAUGH] But it's such a glaring absence because through out the episode like there's a couple [UNKNOWN] so after. But obviously Frick n' Frack had to go. [MUSIC]. Frick n. Frack. They were so annoying. But who's going to be his new bestie? Maybe Kim? You're my new Frack? You know that's funny. And Kim. Their wigs are good. They do have quality wigs. Listen Kim's wigs have come a long way. The wig grow up is so. Iconic. She got that NFL money and honey she did not let it go. She does not know how to act now. [LAUGH] She is tardy for every party cuz she got to make sure her good wig is secured. I can't wait for her to be reintroduced into the season and Marla Hanson my favorite, my favorite [LAUGH] Scammer of all time. The drama is going to be so real when he shows up.>> That's gonna be so good. I heard and Mimi still friends. Are her and Chare still on the outs? We'll have to see I guess. Real Housewives is gonna So much tea this season. [CROSSTALK] My cup runneth over. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

RHOA: Our Favorite Reality Guilty Pleasure Is Back And We've Got Thoughts!

RHOA: Our Favorite Reality Guilty Pleasure Is Back And We've Got Thoughts!


They’re back!

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered Sunday night and there was no shortage of drama.

Cynthia Bailey’s Cynthia-themed party becomes a hot spot for confrontation. Everyone is curious about Kenya Moore’s new hubby—who she insists they all call “Baby.” And, noticeably absent, but still somehow present, is Phaedra Parks. 

This season of RHOA is set to be as epic as the last with the return of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Marlo Hampton and America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille have also joined the cast this season.

If you missed the season premiere, ESSENCE’s Lauren Porter and Sydney Scott are here to break it down for you.