Another Sunday, another moment of shade for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Last week’s episode ended with NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams arguing with one another at dinner in San Francisco, and the two ladies were still going at it in episode six. NeNe ends up leaving the dinner with Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss while yelling from the hallway that Porsha “f***ed Kandi over” and insisting that Kandi had Porsha’s back.

Meanwhile, Shereé Whitfield stays back at the restaurant to comfort Porsha. While crying, Porsha says she’s “nobody’s victim” and doesn’t understand why the rest of the group would want to break her down. Again, NeNe believes that Porsha should be disciplined for what she did to Kandi, while Porsha thinks NeNe is trying to make Kandi’s issue her issue and start a bully campaign against her. Later, Kandi admits she’s happy that someone else has drama with Porsha besides her.

For their second day in San Francisco, the ladies split up into two groups after the dinner drama. NeNe, Kandi, Kenya and Cynthia go to Fisherman’s Wharf, while Shereé, Porsha and Marlo visit Chinatown. During a trolley ride through the city, Porsha becomes emotional about the group tension and the loss of her grandmother, since Kenya is still grieving her recent loss. Cynthia encourages Porsha to explain to NeNe what hurt her, and explains that although NeNe once did something similar to her, she eventually forgave her and moved on. While the ladies are exploring San Francisco, NeNe also drops a bombshell that Shereé’s new man Tyrone is a con artist.

Considering Kenya’s going through a tough time after losing her grandma, Shereé, Porsha and Marlo decide to throw a “wedding” for Kenya since they weren’t invited to Kenya’s actual wedding. The ladies manage to book the hotel conference room as a “venue,” enlist NeNe to “officiate” the ceremony and even got a cardboard male cutout to fill in for Kenya’s husband, Marc Daly. Although they were worried that Kenya may be offended, Kenya actually takes it well and admits it made her smile.

After the ceremony, Porsha pulls Kandi to the side to apologize again and accept her wrongdoings for the Lesbiangate scandal from last season. Kandi responds by saying she’d simply like for her and Porsha to be able to have a good time amongst the group.

Before the ladies leave San Francisco, Shereé plans an excursion to Napa Valley. During the train ride to Napa, the ladies actually seem to get along and even share a few bonding moments. Once they arrive in Napa, they have a fabulous time together visiting a winery.

While Kenya leaves Napa early to attend her grandmother’s funeral, the rest of the group stays in Napa for wine and dinner, and Shereé gives a toast to Kandi for her ESSENCE cover. After the toast, Kandi reveals that Todd suggested they go on a drive-by of Marc’s restaurant after her ESSENCE photo shoot in New York City, but they didn’t go in the restauarant because she didn’t want Kenya to be upset.

At the table, the ladies begin to discuss how no one has met Kenya’s husband yet and Cynthia takes up for her friend by saying Kenya’s relationships have been the most scrutinized and while she’d like to meet Kenya’s husband, she also doesn’t want to pressure her. When Marlo asks the group who really believes Kenya’s married, Cynthia walks out of the room because she doesn’t “want to hear any sh*t about Kenya.”

After returning to the table, Cynthia admits that while it’s upsetting that she wasn’t invited to Kenya’s wedding and she hasn’t met Kenya’s husband yet, she can’t force Kenya to do anything she isn’t ready to do.

Will Cynthia and the rest of the ladies eventually meet Kenya’s husband? Only time will tell!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8pm ET.

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