After an unsuccessful date with a younger man on last week’s episode, Cynthia Bailey goes out with a new guy named Will. The pair were set up by one of her employees at the Bailey Agency at her 50th birthday party. Although Cynthia has said she wants to date and just have fun post-divorce, she admits to liking Will and says there’s a connection. She even calls him “the male version” of herself. Could Will become Cynthia’s next bae?

While Cynthia may be looking for a new bae, Porsha Williams is seeking a new business venture. Porsha reveals that she wants to open a hair salon following the success of her hair line, and meets with a business and real estate consultant along with her sister/business partner Lauren Williams to discuss the plans. After the meeting, Lauren confronts Porsha about feeling unappreciated and underpaid for her work, and also doesn’t understand why her sister wants 85 percent of the profits of the hair salon, while she would only take 15 percent.

Lauren also says like she’s putting her “life on the line” for Porsha’s businesses. Porsha, however, feels that because she’s investing her money, she deserves a bigger share and she doesn’t understand why her sister feels unappreciated. Unfortunately, Lauren ends up walking out and the two sisters don’t make amends.

The drama isn’t limited to Porsha and Lauren, as Shereé Whitfield ends up at odds with a party planner once again! On this episode, Shereé is planning a ‘70s-themed 70th birthday party for her mom and unfortunately things aren’t going as smoothly as planned on the day of the big event. After issues with everything from the linens to the dance floor and tension between Shereé and the party planner, the planner ends up canceling less than two hours before the party begins. Luckily, the birthday party still goes off without a hitch and all of the ladies have a great time partying in their ‘70s attire at Chateau Shereé, and even dance down a Soul Train line!

On this episode, we also get our first glimpse at Casa Leakes a.k.a. NeNe Leakes’s new house and learn that NeNe’s youngest son Brentt just graduated from high school. NeNe also faces an unfortunate circumstance when her husband Gregg Leakes has to be admitted to the hospital after having chest pains. Once NeNe finds out Gregg also has to undergo surgery due to a low heart rate, she begins to worry about her husband’s health and how she would manage if he didn’t come home from surgery. Our prayers are with Gregg for a speedy recovery and continued good health!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8pm ET.


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