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Things Get Really Intense On 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' When Matt Jordan Crosses A Line

Kenya Moore and former beau Matt Jordan are still at odds and things quickly go from bad to worse. 
Things Get Really Intense On ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ When Matt Jordan Crosses A Line

The drama between Real Housewives star Kenya Moore and former beau Matt Jordan reached a new level Sunday night, as things went from bad to worse.

The scary situation turned violent when Matt decided to show Kenya just how far he’d go to win her back. Initially invited to Peter Thomas’ new club opening in Charlotte, North Carolina after Kenya felt a night with the fellas might help him, the invitation was later rescinded. But Matt didn’t give up. He drove all the way to Charlotte to confront Kenya, crossing the line once again.

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Outraged that his invitation and the ticket Peter purchased for his flight had been canceled, Matt shared a video with fans expressing his outrage. He also began sending threatening texts to Kenya, writing in one, “I promise I’m going to make it my business that you never want to talk to me again. Do anything to manipulate any situation from this point on and I promise you on every fiber of my being, you’ll regret every move you’ll make. Call the police, I promise you’ll regret it. Flirt with another guy, I promise you’ll regret it. Come to me humble and open your arms.”

Later, Matt showed up at Peter’s club opening, angry and hoping to talk to Kenya. He then escalated things by slapping her driver. “He came over to the car, he looked in, and he hit him! He’s crazy. He’s unstable. I’m sick of this stupid s**t,” Kenya told a worried Peter.

It’s quite clear the situation between Kenya and Matt has passed the point of no return and the Real Housewives star has realized it too. “He’s showing me nobody is going to protect you from me. That’s the message he’s trying to send. I think I’m really left with no choice but to not communicate with Matt,” she said.