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Quinta Brunson's New Series Puts A Cinematic Twist On Hair Tutorials

Brunson is back with a new series for Facebook Watch that sees her looking to iconic films like "Do The Right Thing" for tutorial inspiration.

Quinta Brunson is back with a new series!

Teaming up again with BuzzFeed to produce a new series, and first-ever beauty project, for Facebook Watch, Hair Flick sees Brunson and co-host Freddie Ransome putting a cinematic spin on hair tutorials.

“In the past, people have asked me to do beauty tutorials, but that’s not my field of expertise,” Brunson told ESSENCE. “But I wanted to do something in that world, and I just love movies, so one day I was watching a movie and just thought hair tutorials with storytelling attached would make me happy. I thought it would make people who want to see hair tutorials happy.”

Quinta Brunson’s New Series Puts A Cinematic Twist On Hair Tutorials

Brunson and Ransome tackle hairstyles against the backdrop of films like Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.

And while she’ll be giving viewers a little help with their hair, Brunson said her own journey “has definitely changed over the years.”

“I started being natural in 2014 and, to be honest, it was out of desperation. It was because I couldn’t afford to go to the hair salon anymore,” she explained. “I couldn’t afford to get a perm or anything like that. So I just started growing my hair out because it was my only option. But then after going online and seeing communities of people who specialize in natural hair, it encouraged me to be excited about it.”

Quinta Brunson’s New Series Puts A Cinematic Twist On Hair Tutorials

“I started taking the time to care about my hair as another part of my body,” Brunson continued. “We take the time and care about the rest of our body, I started looking at my hair that way. Now I feel comfortable with where I am with my hair, which is knowing how to care for it and being proud of it and feeling comfortable with it too. That makes me feel really happy.”

Hair Flick airs every Saturday on Facebook Watch.