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[BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. Would you care about the ring if you decided to get married again? Honestly I would not care about the size of the diamond. I mean, of course if it has to be so small, like this, I don't think he wants me to look at it like that. If you can't get a big diamond, just do a nice band or something like that. But the point is that, second go around you're not worried about any of that. It's It's just about finding the love of your life, a good dude, someone who is going to support me. Those are the things that are more important. And yes I do actually want to get a little tatoo I think it's cute. I do like the tatoo as well Yeah it's cute. As you can see I like the tattoos Me too! Have you thought about getting remarried? Ooh that's a big question for me, cuz- I know right, I was like, boom! I know boom, what are you gonna do? Mm-hm. You know what? I'm not focused on that right now, I'm really not. I really want a child, so normally back in the day that comes along with getting married, get married, get a child. Right. But I'm really just focused on my career, and whatever comes comes. Mm-hm. No I understand, and oftentimes, whenever, and I say the old cliche is, When you're not looking for it, that's when you find it. Exactly. You know what I mean? Well I am dating. Good segue! Flips bangs, moves in! [LAUGH] Who are you dating? Well I can't, you know, I'm dating a couple people. You're supposed to date a few. I'm dating. I'm single. So I'm just kinda weighing out my options, getting to know people and But you know, there's one who is standing out, who is definitely has gotten my attention right now. But I have to ask. How does someone approach Porsha Williams? Well, this is actually someone that I knew before. We dated before. So yeah, yeah, yeah, sometimes you gotta go bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Right, and remold and reshape and [CROSSTALK] Yes, exactly, actually I was the one who get to be remolded in this situation. Cuz back in the day I was the one who was doing the thing. You don't have to tell me that. Yeah, you're right.

During Sunday night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams tried to get Todd 2, aka Todd Stewart, to sign most of his money away with a baby nup.

What exactly is a baby nup? Well, we’re glad you asked because, honestly, we really have no idea. According to Babynup, a website specifically designed for this sort of thing, a baby nup is “whatever you make of it.” 

“The concept is to allow unmarried parents to come up with an agreement so there is a clear understanding of the parents intent to raise their child should their relationship status change and/or they become unable to work together. “

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Ok, makes sense. However, in Porsha’s case, we’re not entirely sure this is a baby nup, it seems more like Porsha just wants Todd to sign away every dollar in his bank account. It’s also weird because the two aren’t really planning to have a child, they’re just toying with the idea. This is an agreement for “if a baby happens before we get married,” so an unplanned baby, an acccidental baby. Um, we have questions.

1. Does Porsha really expect Todd to pay for half of their child’s expenses and not allow him any decision-making power?

2. Is Porsha legally allowed to take their future child out of the country without asking?

3. Can she really demand that a large chunk of Todd’s income go to the baby?

4. Will this hold up in court if things go south?

5. Shouldn’t a lawyer be around for this?

6. What kind of word doc template did she use?

7. Did Porsha really think Todd was going to sign that agreement?

8. Are these two even ready for a baby?

While we applaud Porsha for having a plan, this plan is absolutely absurd. These two might want to hold off on a baby and really consider what it takes to co-parent.

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