A Quick Q&A With Comedian Jess Hilarious About ‘All Def Comedy’ And Inspiration

Jess Hilarious is one of the four funny women taking the stage for HBO’s Def Comedy Jam reboot, All Def Comedy.

You might recognize the comedian from her viral videos, she’s amassed a massive social following and caused a bit of controversy earlier this year after doing a nude photo shoot with her son. She’s even sparred with Azealia Banks

So, before her All Def debut, we did a rapid-fire Q&A with the comedian to find out more about who Jess Hilarious really is and her thoughts on comedy.

When did you realize you wanted to be a comedian? What were you doing before?
 About two years ago. Before that, I was in trade school for mortuary science.
How did you land a spot on All Def Comedy? How did your family and friends react?

I landed a spot after All Def reached out to my people. My family and friends honestly did not believe me when I told them.
What makes you laugh and who are comedians you turn to for inspiration?

 Everything! And, I look up to comedians like Martin Lawrence & Kevin Hart.
What are some of the struggles you’ve come across in your career and how would you advise other comedians to overcome them?

A struggle is being away from my family. I’d tell other comedians to keep their family close to them even when it seems as though you’re super busy.

What’s one thing people often misunderstand about working in comedy?
People misunderstand the work that goes into it, it’s a lot of work and travel.

What’s next for you?
The big screen is calling my name… You all will see me on their VERY soon.

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