‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: ‘When I Get Out’
Myles Aronowitz

YYYYAAAASSSS Power fans!!! Our show is FINALLY back on! It feels like it’s taken forever but they wasted no time in bringing the heat. The first five minutes were straight flames. As you remember from the last episode of Season 3, Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) was arrested at his nightclub by his ex-lover, Angela (Lela Loren). As Season 4 begins, we see him emptying his pockets at the jail and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) rings his phone. She is frantic because their son Tariq is missing and she’s just received a ransom call from Kanan, aka Slim. Ghost isn’t allowed to answer the phone so he has no idea what’s going on.  

We cut to Sandoval, who killed Greg Knox. He is about to throw the gun in the river when he gets a call that Ghost was arrested for the murder Sandoval committed. He decides to keep the gun. Is he going to plant it later??

Meanwhile, one of the biggest questions at the end of Season 3 was “Where is Keisha??” Was she killed by Milan or someone else after Tasha and Tommy started using her hair salon as a front to clean the drug money? No! Tommy had Keisha stashed away for her protection and she is alive and well. She reluctantly leaves the safehouse and goes to see Tasha, who is relieved to see her.

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Tasha gets even more visitors to the apartment as an FBI search warrant is served by Angela and a team of officers. Keisha threatens to snatch Angela bald but keeps her cool. Tasha shows Angela where the gun is in the house, but it’s immediately ruled out as the murder weapon.

Dre is on the come-up and has made himself indispensable both in the shady business and at the Truth nightclub. Dre hits up Slim/Kanan and is able to get Tariq returned home safely in exchange for $45K a month to Kanan, Jukebox, and Ray Ray. The story they tell Tasha is that Tariq was just hanging out with friends, and wasn’t really kidnapped. Everyone else still thinks that Kanan is dead.

Ghost’s detention hearing is coming up so Tasha is told by Ghost’s lawyer Proctor to get $2 million ready for bail. Easier said than done, because Tasha finds out the hard way that Ghost has cleaned out their safe deposit box, they don’t own the club building or apartment and the only thing left of value is the necklace Ghost gave Angela. All of her work trying to gather the money is for nothing, because bail is denied. Ghost will stay in jail for now.

We are introduced to several new characters in the season premiere. Joe Proctor’s wife is a drug addict who refuses to get clean. Tony Teresi is a criminal in the same jail as Ghost who may have info about which he can snitch. John Mak is an attorney who comes out of nowhere and will be taking the lead against Ghost, relegating Sandoval and Angela to the sidelines. And our friend Charlie Murphy, in one of his last roles, is a prison guard. We see him and another guard beating up Ghost at the end of the episode because they think he is a cop killer.

Tune in next week!

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