‘Power’ Season Finale Recap: ‘You Can’t Fix This’
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This is the last episode of the season, and every single moment is filled with drama!

Raina is dead and the St. Patrick family is reeling. Tariq tells no one that he saw Ray Ray, the crooked cop, kill Raina. He is now drinking lean in the house. Ghost thinks it’s the Jimenez that killed Raina. He swears vengeance and prepares for battle.

Tommy goes to meet Teresi’s friends, but before he has the chance, Kanan shows up and wants to know who had him jumped at his apartment. Tommy says it was Dre using Cristobal’s guys based on the tattoos. So now Kanan wants to end Dre.

Angela is back in charge at work and loving it. A current investigation reveals the gold gun belonging to the Jimenez brother, along with lots of drugs and dead bodies. Saxe tells Angela that Raina is dead and that they should watch St. Patrick because he’s going to act soon. Angela warns Jamie not to take revenge. Maria comes forward to Saxe about Ghost killing her boyfriend. She also picked out Tommy as the one who kidnapped her. Angela’s team still has the tracker on Tommy’s car.

Tariq reaches out to Kanan to find Ray Ray. Destiny, Tariq’s girlfriend and Ray Ray’s young cousin, asks for her phone back but Ray Ray won’t give it to her. Angela visits Ray Ray and knows that Ray Ray went to Tariq and Raina’s school without a good reason.

Ghost and Tommy go to see Cristobal, assuming he killed Raina. After being injured, Cristobal says it wasn’t their crew because the Jimenez don’t kill kids. Cristobal admitted to killing Julio on orders from Dre. Ghost and Tommy kill Cristobal. Now Ghost and Tommy also want Dre dead.

Silver tells Tasha that he loves her. Tasha freezes him out and tells him nothing.

Tommy goes to kill Dre and sees him talking to Ray Ray. Ray Ray tells Dre that he wants to get paid and threatens him by saying he has tapes of Dre and Kanan doing illegal activity.

Kanan makes plans to rob Dre, knowing that Dre set him up. Kanan also plans to take Dre’s place in the drug organization. Kanan learns that Raina has been killed and tells Tommy that he thinks that Ray Ray killed Raina.

Tate strong-arms James into having the funeral with an opportunist preacher and turning the entire thing into a public spectacle.  The line of the episode is: “The daughters of innocent men sleep safely in their beds” by Tate to James.

Destiny tells Tommy that Ray Ray took her phone to set up Tariq. She knows Ray Ray may be at his stash house. Tommy tells Tasha that they know who killed Raina but that the killer was actually coming after Tariq. Tasha can’t find Tariq, who took her gun.

Tariq goes to see Dre with Tasha’s gun to find Ray Ray. Dre tells him Ray Ray will be in Washington Heights at the stash house at 6pm. Tariq confronts Ray Ray before Ghost can get there. Tommy and Tasha arrive, but it’s too late. Tariq kills Ray Ray. Tariq tells them that Dre told him where to find Ray Ray. United in criminality, Tasha tells Tariq how to remove all evidence from himself while Tommy and Ghost dispose of Ray Ray’s body. Angela later finds a bullet at Jones’ place. Of course, this will match Tasha’s gun.

Father Callahan tells Dre that he wants out because Tommy told him that Dre had Julio killed. Dre kills Callahan. Dre brings the Jimenez to meet the primeras. The death of Uriel, the head of the Toros Locos, is concerning to the Jimenez. However, once the primeras learn that Callahan is out, they try to blame it on him.

Tasha tells Silver that she killed Ray Ray. He says he can’t be both her lover and her lawyer. She chooses lawyer and hands him a check. Meanwhile, Tommy, Ghost and Kanan are planning together to take out Dre, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Thanks for rolling with us for another amazing season. See you in 2018! Remember you can get caught up anytime on Starz on Demand.

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