‘Power’ Recap: I Call the Shots
Courtesy of Starz

Tommy tells Ghost that he was with Milan, but not that Milan is bringing him into the organization. Neither Ghost nor Tommy trust each other, and they’re sharing only as much as necessary.

Angela uses dead Hugo’s phone to call the department mole. Sandoval picks it up silently and they both here a helicopter overhead, indicating they’re close to each other.  Sandoval later learns that Hugo was found dead, so Sandoval knows that someone else has Hugo’s phone. 

Keisha is missing and not returning Tasha’s calls. Remember that Milan told Tommy to take care of her. Did Tommy kill Keisha?

Tariq tells Dre that he was hanging out with Kanan. Dre likes Tariq and tells Tommy to check up on him. Dre also told Tommy that he was the one who told Ghost the Koreans wanted to kill him. Tommy brushes this off, but it clearly has an impact.

Ruiz isn’t giving full payment to Milan because he doesn’t like selling pills. He asks for a meet with Milan that is granted. Greg gives Ruiz a listening device for the meeting but Ruiz tells Ghost. Ghost tells Ruiz to make sure he and Tommy aren’t mentioned during the conversation since the feds will end up hearing it. 

Angela goes over to Greg’s house and he tells her that he’s finished looking into Jamie. 

They sleep together and then Greg secretly gets the SIM card information from Hugo’s burner phone in Angela’s purse. With this info, Greg is able to determine, with Medina’s help, where the phone is bought. Greg sees Sandoval leave from Hugo’s apartment, which was owned by Lobos, and next door to where the burner phone was purchased.

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Kantos is working with Truth’s competition and blackmails Ghost for the Stern guest list by saying that he could have ratted out Ghost. Ghost provides the list, but not before his competitors are arrested for having drugs in the club that were planted by Julio at Ghost’s instruction. Karen Basset was at the club when the bust occurred, so Ghost conveniently invited her to a party he’s having. 

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Kanan says he doesn’t want to try and go after Ghost as long as Milan is in the picture. Despite the Stranger Danger, Tariq is still hanging out with Kanan, who goads him into stealing shoes.

Tasha and Ghost have sex after a successful Parents’ Day for their kids, but Ghost makes it clear that they’re not back together. Tasha then tells Tommy that Ghost is attempting to use Ruiz to take out Milan.

Milan tells Tommy that Ghost was following him and that Tommy has to get Ghost to back off. Tommy tells Ghost that Milan will kill him if Ghost doesn’t stop trying to take down Milan. But after finding out that Ghost is continuing to plan using Ruiz, he becomes upset.
 Tommy talks with Ruiz about how he and Ghost killed Lobos, knowing that Ruiz is wired. Tommy then kills Ruiz and tells Ghost. Tommy enlisted Dre with disposing of Ruiz’ body, the first time we see them working together. 

Ghost says that he still wants out. Tommy wants to become a drug kingpin. The only way for both of them to get what they want is for Milan to die, according to Ghost. Tommy tells Ghost that he’ll come up with a plan to kill Milan. Tommy then goes to Milan and says that Ghost needs to die.

Next Sunday is the last episode of the season! Tell us in the comments below what you think is going to happen. Who dies? Who survives?