POWER Recap: ‘Don’t Go’
Courtesy of Starz

At the end of the last episode, Ghost broke up with Angela to protect her from Milan. This episode starts with both of them reeling from being apart.

As Angela cries on her sister’s shoulder, Tim arrives to drag her into the office. The Office of Professional Responsibility is searching for the leak that allowed Lobos to escape and everyone is being interviewed. Angela is eventually cleared, saying that she played James St. Patrick to get information on Tommy “Ghost” Egan.

Meanwhile, the real Ghost is offered the contract for Karen Basset’s hotels with one catch: he has to submit the funds by the end of the day. He assures her this will be no problem, but Milan later tells him to hand over the money he’d requested by using what Ghost had intended for Basset. Desperate, Ghost asks Tasha for money but she refuses and he ends up losing out on the deal.

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Although “is he or isn’t he?” has been circulating on social media all week, Lobos is definitely dead and the burner phone that was found on his body leads back to the Task Force.

Tommy, Ghost and Julio are back in the game, but Dre is left out in the cold. This clearly bothers Dre and will definitely lead to some animosity against Ghost in the future. Kanan, still on that Lean, watches Dre’s and Ghost’s moves while he formulates a plan. Dre tells Kanan that Milan is in play and Kanan kills an elderly woman with a Jesus Saves pillow for a place to stay.

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Ghost tells Tommy that he broke up with Angela, who is concerned that the jilted government attorney may come after them again. Tasha unwittingly tells Tommy that Holly was pregnant.

Tariq is acting out at home and Ghosts posts up on him, displacing some of his anger about breaking up with Angela. Angela goes to see Tasha to see if Ghost was with her when Lobos was killed. Tasha gives Ghost an alibi and breaks it down for her: “You were a midlife crisis, Angela. Crisis over.”

In the scene of the night, Milan shows up at Ghost’s house unannounced for dinner. This is a power play to show Ghost that Milan can get to his family. 

Milan brings Tatiana, who Ghost thought was dead (remember when he went to her apartment and saw blood?) But it was all a game that Milan has been playing.

In a show of force, Milan kills his one of his own soldiers for disobeying him. Milan then tells Tommy to kill the priest who was selling drugs for him because the priest was also selling to the Albanians. Tommy warns the priest but doesn’t kill him. Milan then has Tommy jumped by his soldiers and realizes that Tommy may be a valuable asset now that he has nothing left to live after Holly’s death.