POWER Recap: “Trust Me”
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Sandoval is in trouble with Lobos’ man, Hugo, who still doesn’t know that Lobos is dead. While Ghost sets Hugo up to find out who the mole in the department is, Tommy ends up shooting Hugo, so they’re no closer to finding out it is Sandoval.  Ghost takes Hugo’s phone.

We learn that James’ competitors got the deal with Karen Basset, but this is the least of his problems right now. Throughout the episode, we see Milan trying to build Tommy up and slowly turn him against Ghost.

With Milan watching, Tommy holds a meeting of all of the drug lieutenants at Ghost’s club Truth, letting them know that they’ll now be selling prescription drugs, too. When The Asian drug dealer objects, he is killed by one of Milan’s men.

Dre is still providing Kanan with intel and unwittingly introduces Kanan to Ghost and Tasha’s son, Tariq. Tariq later gets in Kanan’s car, who gets him started on Lean. They hang out in the old neighborhood and Kanan tells Tariq that his father isn’t as squeaky clean as he thought.

Kanan is about to kill Tariq at the same apartment where Ghost killed Breeze, but learns Tariq hates Ghost. Kanan now plans to use Tariq to get back at Ghost.

MJ from the FBI visits James, but he plays dumb. Angela visits Tasha and tells her the FBI will be coming to see her soon.

Tasha says Tommy was with his mom, Kate. Angela then visits Kate, and tells her and Tommy to tighten up his alibi about where he was when Lobos was killed.

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Dean/Milan comes to the weave shop to talk to Tasha and Keisha finds out that it is a drug front. Tasha gives Keisha $500K to stay quiet. But Milan wants Tommy to kill Keisha. Tommy enters the salon. Does he kill Keisha? The last time he disobeyed Milan by not killing the priest, he was beaten to a pulp.

Ghost gives Angie Hugo’s phone that will prove who the snitch is. Angela was wearing a wire provided by MJ when he does. Angela shows Greg that Ghost has an alibi: he and Tasha were together. Then Angela and Greg have sex and it’s clear that both of their minds are elsewhere.

Greg isn’t fooled by Angela’s affection and plans to bring down Angela and Ghost.

But what does Angela plan to do with Hugo’s phone as she sits in Greg’s bathroom? Does she plant it?

Using Milan’s illegally imported cigarettes, Ghost finds Milan’s hiding spot, the first step to learning more about him.

Ghost then sees Tommy going into the hideout, even after Tommy said he didn’t know where Milan was set up. Once again, Ghost doesn’t know who he can trust.

And so it goes: