‘Power’ Recap: ‘The Kind of Man You Are’

This week’s show had lots of little cliffhangers that kept us nervous throughout the hour.  First, Dre, Julio and Keisha all get snatched up by the Feds. The gentlemen didn’t say anything of interest, but Keisha’s chatty behind let loose something that she thought didn’t matter.

Keisha tells Angela (without a lawyer present – hello?!) that Ghost was sleeping in the office at the apartment and not with Tasha. That’s important because the Feds may be able to prove that Tasha and Ghost weren’t acting as a married couple anymore, but merely as dirty business partners. If spousal privilege is broken, not only might they attempt to force Tasha to testify against Ghost but, if she refuses to do so, they can take away their three kids. Keep your yap shut, Keisha! You’ve seen enough Law & Order to know not to talk without a lawyer present. And Proctor later tells her just that.

Angela says goodbye to Greg at his memorial service. In the background, we see Greg’s boy from Homeland, Bailey Markham, watching Angela closely. He thinks that Angela, not Greg, is the mole and he’s angry at her. Like… maybe “kill her in a fit of rage” angry? It’s unclear, but for now he wants her in jail and is desperately trying to clear Greg’s name. But his story doesn’t jive with the one the prosecutor is trying to tell so everyone thinks he’s a bit loopy. Except… Sandoval {the real killer of Greg} meets with Markham and may set him up to find out what info he has that will exonerate Greg as the mole.

Ghost tells Proctor about the traffic stop with Greg. Proctor presents to the court city camera video of Greg’s traffic stop on James and says this is how the DNA got under Greg’s nails. He also says that Angela Valdez knew of the traffic stop and didn’t provide this exculpatory evidence to the defense. Mock says Angela told them about the traffic stop but he didn’t believe her. {Way to throw your colleague under the bus, fam!}. Mock has to agree to withdraw the DNA evidence as opposed to allowing a jury to find out that they suppressed information. Angela is now back on the case, primarily because Mock doesn’t trust her and wants to keep her close.

Teresi, the suspicious old dude in jail with James, blackmails him for money. He says that he knows that Jamie, not Tommy, is Ghost. Ghost makes plans to pay him $20K a week. That should be more than enough to help take care of Teresi’s sick wife. Ghost tells Proctor to pay it but also look into Teresi.

Angela meets with Ghost and presents a deal: Confess to killing Greg, give them Tommy for killing Lobos, and she’ll get his sentenced reduced. Ghost initially tells her to step but then considers it after seeing Raina crying in the newspaper.

Tommy, being a boss for a change, takes extra steps to ensure the incoming drug run goes smoothly. So far, so good. But you know that won’t last.

We’re just a level above simmer right now, but things are heating up. Tune in next week and come back here for the Recap in case you missed anything!