Do I say every week that THIS is the best episode of the season? I really mean it this time.  Again.

Tommy’s life is #SKRESSFUL, fam. Holly is being annoying (why can’t we kill her?!), his gunshot wound from being almost #killt by the Lobos boys (it was really the Koreans, but Tommy is slow) is still fresh, he’s gotta kill his best friend in the world, and the mid is barely selling. Add to this, his mother shows up unannounced and isn’t too fond of Holly and the fact that Tommy gave his grandmother’s ring to her. But a little bump of coke between mother and son and nearly everything is smoothed over. She still tells Tommy to get rid of her, though. Because a mother knows.

Ghost brings Tariq to the club to work while he’s suspended from school. Dre tells Tariq that his dad was actually really torn up about Shaun dying. This puts things in a new light for Tariq and he opens up to his dad in a tender moment. He explains that Angela was foisted upon their family without so much as a discussion. Ghost realizes that Tariq is more mature than he thought and that his son is hurting.

Dre comes home from work and finds Kanan in his apartment, holding Dre’s daughter. Kanan is back in New York and Dre is the first to know. Dre is SHOOK and tells Kanan that he wasn’t disloyal. In fact, he is perfectly positioned to help Kanan as he’s quickly becoming Ghost’s second in command. Kanan leaves without harming Dre’s daughter, but the threat is clearly there.

In some interesting scenes that would not have happened in real life, Greg makes plans not only to have Ruiz take down Lobos, but also to have Ruiz reveal that James St. Patrick is the real Ghost. But Angela is able to get to Ruiz and reminds him of the loyalty Ruiz should have because Ghost saved his life.

When it comes time to snitch, Ruiz stays quiet and the task force decides to settle for just Lobos as opposed to no one at all. The potential case against Ghost seems to finally be over, thanks to Angela. When she tells Ghost, she is rewarded with separation papers Ghost had drawn up for him and Tasha.

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Tommy learns from Julio that it was the Koreans, not Lobos, who were trying to kill him. He realizes that it must have been Ghost who saved him, and tries to warn him. But Holly has paid the Jamaicans to have Ghost killed. The play is in motion. On the way to the game, Ghost and Tariq are rear-ended. Ghost gets out of the car and is confronted by the Jamaicans, guns ready. He turns to look at Tariq, who is oblivious with his headphones on, and closes his eyes, prepared to die. But God! Or, rather, Dean, the security guy Ghost hired to protect him and his clubs. The team take out the Jamaicans and save Ghost.

Holly tells Tommy that she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost so that Lobos wouldn’t kill her and Tommy. Tommy flies into a coke-fueled rage and strangles Holly to death. Ghost helps Tommy dispose of Holly’s body and even saves his grandmother’s ring.

Ghost and Tommy know that Lobos won’t stop coming for them. So the decision is made. They will kill Lobos. Together.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Power?