No One Is Safe! ‘Power’ Kills Off A Major Character
Courtesy of Starz
While we were all distracted by the last of the sunny weather, Power creator Courtney Kemp was busy not giving a damn about our feelings. In Sunday’s episode of Power, Kanan — the gutter savvy villain everyone loved to hate, played by executive producer 50 Cent — fell victim to his own double dealings. Kemp posted only one sentence on her Instagram page, reacting to fans sheer shock: “No one is safe.”

@50cent and I warned you all along...

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Power, which plays out onscreen every Sunday night on Starz, has had disastrous consequences for just about everyone — from a drug dealing priest to an innocent teenage girl. But something about this particular death was more surprising than most. After Kanan escaped the feds, numerous shootouts, and a warehouse fire that probably would have killed anyone without an executive producer credit to their name, Power fans felt it was unlikely that 50 Cent would ever get killed off of his own show.
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A troll to the core, 50 Cent took to his own Instagram page to let us know his feelings about his character finally ending up on the other end of that strap. The rapper posted a picture of Kanan’s funeral arrangement. In a caption, he wrote, “KANAN thought Tariq was like him, and he was but he still his father’s son so he did some sucker shit.” But on Kana’s arrangement, a cryptic message hinted that we might see the gangster back on screen before the series’ end. It read, “RIP Kanan Stark,” referencing the hit show Game of Thrones, “…or maybe not.” The St. Patricks, the drug family on which Power centers, are known to set up anyone who gets in the way of their end goals. So while we pour out a little liquor for Fiddy, we should probably keep our eyes open for what’s coming next. No one is safe and we might not be either.


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