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Get Your First Look At Tariq Bossing Up In 'Power Book II: Ghost'

Mary J. Blige and Method Man? Sign us up!

With James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in the ground and Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) behind bars, their son Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) has to toughen up to pick up the pieces of the family’s former penthouse life.

Starz just released a new trailer to the first Power spin-off, which features Tariq building his own empire. In Power Book II: Ghost, the former prep school kid adjusts to life in a big rich town without the protection of his formidable parents. 

Forced to attend college by a clause in the trust protecting his inheritance, Tariq has to find a way to balance his studies with his criminal career in an effort to spring his mother from prison. He returns to the lucrative call of drug dealing, determined to be better at the business than his father so that he can avoid the end of the barrel or the inside of a cell. 

As U.S. Attorney Cooper Saxe is always lurking around the corner, Tariq has to be careful about slinging his product. But he can’t walk away from the life because Davis MacLean ( Method Man), the limelight-loving lawyer working to clear Tasha of the murder he actually committed, is talented but expensive. 

Tariq gets a bit of help from another ruthless family of hustlers. Headed by matriarch Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige), this clan-turned-cartel has risen to the top of the city’s underground over generations. 

Your First Look At Tariq Taking Over In ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

As he tries to manage his grind with his studies, his new crew, and his love life, Tariq is faced with many of the same choices made by his late father. 

See if he can make wiser choices by watching the brand new trailer above.