Regina King’s Oscar-winning role in If Beale Street Could Talk required emotional gymnastics. But her turn as a detective turned superhero in HBO’s Watchman requires physical ones.

The actress and producer revealed at this year’s CultureCon, held last weekend inside Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse, that she did not have to fit in extra time at the gym to become her character, Sister Night. 

“I like to say, I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready,” King told interviewer Keke Palmer. “I try to keep it fit.” 

Commitment to wellness isn’t just about saving others onscreen, it’s also about the star protecting herself. After cut has been called, she said she’s still ready for action. 

“You never know something might jump off here and these six inch heels will have to come off and me and Keke will save the day,” King said onstage.

King requested that the audience keep an open mind when watching Watchmen.  “It’s like a gumbo of genres, but it works,” she said. 

“Because it’s you, girl,” interjected Palmer. “You’re a child star and you’ve grown. We get to see your whole journey.” 

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Turning to the audience, King also praised Palmer for her evolution from child star to Strahan and Sara co-host. “She just navigates this whole thing so well,” King said. “When I was growing up and I was your age, I was acting as well, but I didn’t have as many as much shit out there, you know what I mean?”   

“That is a lot to be acknowledged and to be seen by you,” said Palmer. She then paused the interview to ask King for a hug. 

Obviously there’s more than one way to save the day. 


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