Meet Singer–Songwriter Victoria Monét, One Of Music’s Best Writers
Courtesy of Victoria Monét

During Black Music Month, ESSENCE is highlighting Black women who are kicking ass behind the scenes in the music industry. From executives to producers to songwriters, these are the women who make our favorite musicians shine and our favorite bops come to life.

Victoria Monét really needs no introduction; you’re already familiar with her work.

She’s co-penned a number of songs with Ariana Grande, including hits “Thank You, Next” and “7 Rings.” Monet has also appeared on songs with T.I. and Nas, and she’s dropped her own projects, including 2018’s Life After Love, Pt. 1 and Life After Love, Pt. 2.

Monét is an unstoppable force in music and her star is only going to rise.

For this month’s celebration of Black music, we got Monét to answer a few questions about what’s on her playlist and her career as a Black woman in music.

What’s the last song you’ve added to your playlist?

“Fragile” by Eryn Allen Kane.

What’s the craziest or most memorable thing that’s ever happened in your career as a Black woman in music?

Simultaneously having the No. 1 and No. 3 pop songs in the country on the Billboard Hot 100, which represents the ears and engagement of more cultures than my own. To be able to have that type of documented impact is something I’ll be proud to show my future children and beyond.

You have a seat at the table shaping culture. How do you show up in that room?

Honesty, candid conversations and lyrics. [Having a] fearlessness to say what I actually mean regardless of the politics that are supposed to be considered.

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How has being a Black woman uniquely qualified you for your position?

It gives me the opportunity to overturn the narrative of Black women being the underdog. Being Black shouldn’t be considered unique in music. We exist—and always have—as the foundation of it all as a matter of fact. Our faces just may not be as forward facing as our talent. I will do my part to make sure we are no longer overlooked and underappreciated.


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