The Next Film For 'Beale Street's' Barry Jenkins Could Be A Sports Movie Called 'The Soul Bowl'

Jenkins, a former running back, told ESSENCE that he's already written a script for his film, based on his high school sports experience.
Sydney Scott Dec, 17, 2018

Acclaimed director Barry Jenkins’s next film could be a sports movie.

The Academy Award-winning director, who recently opened up about his past as a former running back and track star at Miami Northwestern Senior High School and, briefly, Florida State University, told ESSENCE that he’d love to bring that experience to the big screen.

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In fact, Jenkins, who’s currently promoting his latest film If Beale Street Could Talk, in theaters now, said that he’s actually written a script about his former football days.

“It’s called The Soul Bowl and I think I’m going to make it someday,” Jenkins told revealed. “I think when you watch sports films, especially high school sports films, they’re always about some small town in Texas or Indiana and that’s fine, but I’ve never see stories about the cats I grew up with.”

Well, we’d be down to watch anything Jenkins puts his magic on!