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I am imperfect. I am funny. I am real. I am Adrienne C. Moore and I play Black Cindy Hayes on Orange is the new Black. Growing up, there was this explosion of Black television. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you have Family Matters, A Different World. I Had examples of Black children, Black families, Black women, Black men, that represented who I was. I think what made those shows so real, and so relatable was the fact that they dealt with a lot of the situations that I felt I dealt with as a kid. But when I first read the breakdown for Cindy I immediately, Felt as though I knew who this character was. I felt I'd seen her on the streets growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. I already had this kinship with her. What we're doing on our show inspires a lot of black women. When we did our Essence cover, and what that magazine spread came out, I caught wind of this picture, of this little girl in a grocery store, standing in front of a magazine rack. You have InStyle, and Elle and Harper's Bazaar,and all these big magazines that feature white women in mainstream America. She picks up this Essence magazine and all six of us are on the cover and she's looking at it and I just remember thinking, Wow, I remember when I was a little girl and I wanted to see that. But now, here we are, six beautiful women on this cover and these girls can see that and it was just amazing and it was beautiful and it was like about time. Because I think that this show and the characters we portray Reflect the fact thar, in our world, in our society today we deal with everyone from around the world. And working on a show that sort of hits on so many different people, and son many different topics that affect people lives, is even inspirational for me. Because it reminds me that yes, as an artist. We can entertain you but we can also teach you. And we can also show you the world that you look at every day. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Adrienne C. Moore stars in one of TV’s most diverse television shows, Orange Is The New Black.

For Netflix’s #FirstTimeISawMe campaign, the actress recalls seeing television shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Different World, and Family Matters, show’s that felt relatable. 

Speaking candidly about the impact of Orange Is The New Black and her character Black Cindy, Moore recalls a poignant moment in which she realized just how important the show had become.