Obamas First Date Romance Movie In the Works
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The Obamas beautiful love story is heading to the big screen.

The new indie drama, Southside With You, will chronicle the summer afternoon in 1989 when President Barack Obama wooed his future first lady, wife Michelle Obama, Deadline.com reports. Production is now in full swing and actress Tika Sumpter has signed on to play The First Lady while the casting search for a young Obama continues.

The story of their marathon first date across Chicago’s Southside has long been one of the most romantic “how they meet” presidential tales to come out of the White House. When they met Obama was a first-year Harvard law student working a summer job at Chicago law firm Sidley Auston, where he fell in love with his boss, Michelle Robinson. Obama has said that landing that first date took more than a little convincing on his part, so the film will tell the story of the day The First Lady agreed to go out with him and the couple’s epic evening that followed—they took a long walk, went to see Spike Lee’s new movie Do The Right Thing and visited a local art museum.

Filming is scheduled to begin on location in Chicago in July. Director Richard Tanne and film exec Tracey Bing are producers on the project, which originated from a screenplay Tanne wrote. The project originated with Tanne and Sumpter, who developed the script together and will executive produce, reports Deadline.

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