An unreleased track from The Notorious B.I.G. has resurfaced. “Bastard Child” appeared on the Internet last weekend, which is more than 20 years after the Brooklyn rapper was tragically murdered.

According to Complex, the song was produced by hip-hop veteran Statik Selektah. It features a deceptively tranquil sample to contrast lyrics about what happens when you cross Big Poppa

“Steps out the cab with a duffle bag / All the guns I had, sipping granddad, ’bout to make his mama sad,” Biggie begins in the first verse.

“I can’t stand him and I don’t know him / And he don’t even know I’m ’bout to blow him / What goes around comes around he should’ve thought about it / Now he’s got to talk to God about it,” he spits next. 

The second verse is one fans might be familiar with. It’s the original lyrics to the popular 1999 song from his third album, Dead Wrong. The song, which was later released with sharpened instrumentals and an Eminem feature, illustrates the rap king’s rise from corner boy to recording star. 

“Chump, I’m making hits, no time for the crack rock and shit / Took it to another level / Now I’m getting crazy papes, getting paid from the devils,” Biggie raps.

Once again the Internet reminds us that nothing is lost forever.


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