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[MUSIC] So, we need to talk about Niecy Nash and her new show Claws. I like. The show is already iconic. Iconic! Niecy Nash is truly the icon. I just wanna make that very clear. Her entire career trajectory, first of all. Iconic. Like, Nissi. Queen. My God. Denise girl, you have outdone yourself. I will stand for her until the day I die. I will stand for her waistline, for her wigs, for her everything. Her shoes, her cheekbones. And her character in this show, Wonderful. Running the front, I guess it is a front. Yes, absolutely. Where they do nails. What else are you supposed to do? Although I don't how no one has picked up on the fact that it's a front, because there are never any customers. Ever! There was one customer, and that was it! The whole And I was like, how do she have money for this? She's not the ring leader. She's the ring leader of that group of women I guess. Yes, who helps fund the front. Yes. Hangbad from Breaking Bad plays Uncle Daddy. It makes me so uncomfortable I need you to stop saying it. I don't like the word Daddy to be Begin with cause it just really bothers me. So if we can like. [CROSSTALK] It's so creepy. Webster's, if you're like watching this, strike that from the dictionary please. No, I'm fine with it in like general context. It's just in relation to Hank from Breaking Bad. I don't need to hear him be called daddy. Let's just cut daddy out of our vocabulary altogether. Father or dad, not daddy. Carooch, first of all, and I am going to call her Carooch, through this whole thing because I feel like we are on that level. I think we just would probably be great friends. Carooch is honestly and surprisingly she was really good in this. Was she? Wow. Okay. One of us went into the show with an open mind. I guess the other one didn't. That's fine with me. Forget all y'all old **** ****. Out here wasting my God-given talent. Talent. [LAUGH] I'm not here for it at all. Anyway I'm really excited to see where this series goes. Absolutely. Wait, Rashida Jones produces this, correct? I think she is the producer of the show, so shout out to her for picking up this show because you don't see a lot of shows like it. I don't think I've ever seen a show like this on TV. With a black woman leading this diverse cast. Very diverse. Of like, these are like bad **** women. Bad **** women. And it's great to see on TV. Also shocked to see it on TNT. Shocked. Shocked because the only thing I ever remember from TNT of watching reruns of Maid in Manhattan. I don't even know what that is so, we're just gonna go with- I'm sorry, Jennifer Lopez as a maid in Manhattan? I thought you meant a TV show. [LAUGH] Anywho, amazing show. Thank you, Niecy Nash and Karreuche. Thank you Niecy Nash. And Karreuche. We're gonna leave it at that. And Karreuche. No. Period. And Rashida Jones and TNT for bringing this to us. Absolutely. Definitely TNT. I'm still shocked that they're doing this, to be honest. I'm proud of them. I'm proud of them too. They've come a long way. They have. They've come a long way. What does TNT stand for? Hm. Mm. Who knows? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

If you haven’t seen TNT’s latest series, Claws, then turn back now. There are a few spoilers ahead that you may want to avoid. 

The series stars Niecy Nash as the leader of a ragtag team of boss women at a nail salon, running a drug front in Florida. Nash’s character, Desna, initially has an enemy in Virginia (Karrueche Tran), but things quickly turn around, placing the two on the same side of a big problem. 

You’ll recognize other famous faces in the series, which has Rashida Jones attached as executive producer. Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris cuts an intimidating figure as Uncle Daddy. Quiet Ann, played by Judy Reyes, is the silent and loyal muscle of Desna’s group. And, True Blood’s Carrie Preston plays Polly, Desna’s bestie fresh from jail. 

Check out the video to find out why Claws is a must-watch TV hit.

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