What Does Nick Cannon Listen To During Cuffing Season? Tons Of ’80s R&B

Being famous comes with a price.

Every time Nick Cannon is pictured with someone, rumors abound that he’s in a relationship. However, the rapper and actor exclusively confirmed to ESSENCE that he’s single, saying, “I am not dating anybody. I am single as a slice of cheese.”

And while Cannon says he’ll be taking time to focus on himself, we still had to ask him about cuffing season and how he creates a spark when Netflix and Chill just aren’t cutting it.

Cannon revealed that while he has a mixtape on the way, specifically for those romantic times, his own romantic playlist includes tons of R&B classics.

“I’m an 80s R&B dude,” he said, “Keith Sweat, Alexander O’Neal, that type of stuff. Also, I’m definitely on Bryson Tiller and all the cats out right now. But if I’m trying to get the mood right, I’m going with straight ’80s R&B.”

So, with these romantic suggestions, we’ve decided to put together a playlist of ’80s R&B that will make you want to light some candles and cozy up with someone special.