Brace Yourselves Because There’s A TLC Album Coming This Summer
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Seems like there might be a new TLC album on the horizon! The girl group is planning to drop their final album this year with a tentative release date set for June. 

Surviving members Chilli and T-Boz launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 to give fans what they want and in a statement on the campaign’s page the duo wrote: 

“We owe so much of our success to you. Your loyalty and support throughout the past 20 years motivates us to do our best work. Without you, we wouldn’t have ten top 10 singles and four number 1 singles. We wouldn’t have won five Grammy awards or sold 65 million records worldwide. Without you, we wouldn’t have become the most successful girl group of all time! Without you there would be no TLC!!”

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The group has been mum about the album’s release, but a recent update has fans excited about the possibility of new music. An update released on behalf of the group through their manager, Bill Diggins, states that the album is “tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of June” with fans who contributed to the kickstarter receiving an advanced copy. 

The update goes on to explain why the album is taking so long, mostly due to touring and finding the right writers, producers, and musicians for the album. 

An email address is also being set up for fans who have questions, comments, or concerns and for those who may have any outstanding rewards. Diggins adds, “This album could not have happened without your support and your confidence in TLC has inspired us greatly to make the best album possible.”

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