Los Angeles is an overwhelming place if you let it take over. In the world of music, movies and television, one has to have a strong sense of self. Baltimore’s own, Rose Gold had the right amount of conviction to make things happen in a place that regularly breaks hearts.

Born Rebecca Mohammad, the singer attended performing arts school before linking up with The Featherstones, a record production and songwriting collective in B-more. 

Emboldened by a family member to move to L.A., the talent left and couldn’t be more confident in her decision having worked with TLC, Nipsey Hussle, Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin and Teedra Moses. She’s currently on Terrace Martin & the Polly Seeds’ single “Intentions” but we love her stand alone tracks like “Drive Me to Drink” and “Think of You”.

Ahead of her debut album due the end of 2017, we talked to the jazzy vocalist about her budding career.

What will your debut album sound like?

There’s going be a lot of instrumentation but it’s also gonna be some killer drums. It’s gonna be a very East and West driven situation. Because what people forget is that I work with all these West Coast artists and that’s super dope and I love them and I love what I’ve learned and what we create together. But I’m still from West Baltimore City and I still need to express that and you know, I’m still talking about different things that have gone on with me through Baltimore too so. I’m not just about to abandon my roots.

Is there anything about Baltimore that people don’t know?

It’s very dark. That darkness is beautiful, you know, you can’t have light without darkness. Baltimore is also a very artsy place. People don’t be paying attention, we dance all day in the streets, know what I’m saying. It’s the drums, it’s the weather. I feel like that’s how I found over-the-top music that we’re creating.

How would you describe your performance style?

I am very emotional. You can expect to see so many different pieces of me up there, so it’s never really a predictable show. And I don’t want it to be.

Who’s an artist that you absolutely love to see live?

Faith Evans is one of my favorite people and one of my favorite homegirls and one of my favorite artists. She sings down on a stage and it’s different and amazing every single time. I’m just in awe to see it up close because I used to be like, ‘Damn I wanna go to a Faith concert’ and now I get to stand there and watch her just kill it. It’s crazy. She is the sh-t.

Rose Gold can be heard on Terrace Martin & the Polly Seeds upcoming album Sounds of Crenshaw Vol.1 due June 14.

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