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Paris-based ALA.NI’s latest song “Suddenly” feels like being transported through time. Her vocals are filled with nostalgia and romance, and sometimes it feels that the London-born singer is carefully considering every word she sings. 

In the exclusive ESSENCE premiere of ALA.NI’s video for “Suddenly,” all of that is put on display.

“‘Suddenly’ is one of the songs off the album that I don’t really remember writing,” ALA.NI reveals,  “I can’t remember the day or process as I can with other songs. I know that I was influenced by the night and day theme of a Cole Porter song, which my great uncle Hutch sang. The words are about the feeling of waiting to be with the one you love, how grueling this feeling can be. It’s all you can think about.”

The video features the singer standing front and center amid a small string orchestra. It feels intimate, like you’re actually in the room.

“This is one of my favourite songs to sing with the orchestra as I wrote this song with lots of harmonic vocal layers but never get to perform it live in that exact way, but the strings come close. Feels so nice!”

ALA.NI’s debut album You & I drops in June on Missing Piece Records.


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