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New Music Alert! Robert Glasper and Ledisi Reimagine Miles Davis with 'I'm Leaving You'

Glasper and Ledisi celebrate what would have been Miles Davis' 90th birthday on May 27.
New Music Alert! Robert Glasper and Ledisi Reimagine Miles Davis with ‘I’m Leaving You’
Courtesy of Robert Glasper

To celebrate what would have been Miles Davis’ 90th birthday, Robert Glasper and Ledisi are debuting a song in his honor. 

“I’m Leaving You” samples the legendary trumpeter talking in one of his Jack Johnson sessions; a vibe Glasper knew he had to use in song. 

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“I found a clip of Miles saying “wait a minute”—just that simple phrase—and it had so much of his classic swag in it, and it had such a rhythm, I decided to build that whole track around that and that’s how it started,” said Glasper.


The track features Grammy nominated singer, Ledisi, whose vibrant voice takes the song to a whole new level, and John Scofield, who played guitar for Miles. 

“I like that this whole record has a smoky, late-night vibe that is consistent through almost all the tracks but that really just happened naturally,” Glasper added. “No one told anyone what tempo or mood to go for, so the track with Ledisi really stands out. You know she’s a super jazz geek anyway, and can sing the heads of almost any bop tune you want to name. I’ve seen her do it!”

“Im Leaving You” is featured on Glasper’s forthcoming album, Everything’s Beautiful, which drops May 27–the day after what would have been Davis’ 90th birthday. 

The album is an 11-track project that features the artistry of musicians like Erykah Badu, Bilal, Stevie Wonder and many many more. 

Everything’s Beautiful is available for pre-order now. 

Listen to “I’m Leaving You” above.

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