New & Next: LeA Robinson’s ‘Hey Young Boy’ Is The Perfect Spring Track
John Lamparski

You may recognize LeA Robinson from Bravo’s new First Family of Hip Hop, a new reality series that follows the life of the family of Sylvia Robinson, the late founder and CEO of Sugar Hill Records. 

Well, LeA, Sylvia’s granddaughter, is stepping out and carving a path of her own with her latest perfect breezy spring song, “Hey Young Boy.” ESSENCE spoke to the singer about the new song and video, her upcoming EP, and her grandmother’s legacy.

What was the inspiration behind “Hey Young Boy”?

“Hey Young Boy” was made to be a breath of fresh air. I wanted something that was going to be fun, that girls and guys could dance too. It’s the perfect spring record to play in your home, car and the club. The sample of Slick Rick’s, “Hey Young World” is just a feel good song, so recreating it felt the same way.

How did the video come together?

With this video, I wanted to try a different approach and wanted the video to not be what was expected. I channeled my inner bad girl but still had fun. 

Is you’re upcoming EP S.A.Y. (Songs About You) about anyone in particular? 

S.A.Y is about everyone. Meaning that, with this project, there’s going to be a song that everyone can relate to and feel. 

What’s the process been like putting the EP together? What will it sound like and were there any artists that influenced you?

Honestly speaking, when S.A.Y. was being created, it was a time of musical exploration. It is truly a project. Putting different minds, writers and creatives into a room and creating. The sound is truly just a representation of the journey of me finding myself.

I get majority of my inspiration from life and how I feel. I listen to multiple artist but I always just try to create what I feel instead of something that I heard. 

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How does your family feel about your growing music career? How has your grandmother’s legacy influenced you?

My family support me. They want to see me win. 

My grandmother really showed me how to be a boss, but come home when the business is done and be a woman. She showed me that being both is very possible. That was big for me because often times we get so consumed with work that we bring it home with us and can’t enjoy just being home and creating memories with the people that we love. 

Has it been difficult balancing the legacy of your grandmother with forging a path of your own?

Not at all. I think it’s because I never think to balance the legacy of my grandma, I just look to keep her name alive and create my own legacy and my own story. My grandmother created this amazing legacy that has created a culture that influenced a world. I’m just happy to be able to create within the culture.