Five Must-Watch Films That Explore Female Friendship

Gather your girls for an evening of bingeable movies. 

Sydney Scott Jul, 13, 2017

Female friendship, specifically Black female friendship, is often not quite depicted as accurately as it should be. 

For Black women, it can be incredibly hard to find any depiction at all that represents the close bonds we form with other women. 

Girls Trip, a comedy set to drop July 21, is one such film that depicts Black female friendship in an honest and hilarious way, but there are other films that explore those bonds. 

Here are five films that focus on Black womanhood and the bonds we form with other women that are perfect for an evening of binging with your girls. 

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You may not immediately think of the heist film as a representation of friendship, but the sisterhood at the core of the film is what really drives this action-packed flick.

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Your girls will always be there for you when your love life hits a speed bump and Waiting to Exhale explores that relationship, it's twist and turns, and the strength women get from each other.

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While the film's depiction of Black women didn't win over any critics, it's hard to deny that the friendship at the core of the film is a pretty good representation for the silliness friends often exhibit. 

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The Oscar-nominated film about the historic Black women who pushed NASA forward is also a story of three Black women forming a bond and uplifting each other to shatter expectations. 

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It's easy to recognize bits of your own adolescence in this coming of age film, which explores a young woman's process of gaining self-confidence after meeting three carefree girls. While the film focuses mostly on her journey of self-discovery, the gang she joins and the girls around her are an integral part of the story.