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Mikki Taylor On The Importance of Finding Peace and Purpose, Self-Love and The Pursuit of Your Inner-Queendom


No one takes the stage at Essence Empowerment quite like Mikki Taylor. No one has the same pose, presence and positivity that she inspires. After more than three decades in the media business, the writer, motivational speaker, TV personality and entrepreneur continue to set the beauty world ablaze with the unapologetic way she brings honesty, self-love and inner-queendom to the industry’s front door.

An all-around trendsetter, Taylor, now Editor-at-Large at ESSENCE Magazine and president of Mikki Taylor Enterprises, LLC, a strategic branding, consulting and communications company, reigns as the First Lady of Beauty, a title well-deserved by a woman of color who has mastered the art of uplifting a global community of sister-friends by curating words into woven morsels of inspiration that leaves us empowered to do the most.  ‘

Graciously accessorized with her signature coco-brown skin and full-mouth smile, the style-pert joins moderator Michelle Miller, news correspondent and anchor, on the Empowerment stage to talk about her new book, Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self.

In her interview with Miller, Taylor shares her vision of what true beauty is and why inner beauty, confidence and self-awareness are a catalyst to finding peace. She enlightens the crowd with a fewMikki-isms – her slay-positive mantras – that take aim at helping black women embrace their beauty within.

Although, short and to the point, Taylor’s Mikki-isms gave life to the crowd, leaving us wanting more. Here’s a sample of her lessons-to-live-by quotes on life, peace and purpose:

Taylor On Life:
-Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. This is it!
-You don’t want to be on the sidelines of life.
-We weren’t created to survive but to thrive.
-How we see ourselves affects our actions.
-Women must stop apologizing, learn to accept compliments and stop saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Taylor On What Brings Peace and Purpose:

-Faith is nothing if it’s not defining your life.
-Be your true self. Stop living an imposter life.
-Have a ‘celebration circle’ of friends – a team of celebrants who Samaritan you, check on you and don’t compete with you.
-Stop competing. Learn the principle of reserved seating because what God has for you is for you and you alone.

Taylor On Lessons For Women In Her New Book?
-Own your lives.
-Stop asking for permission to rule your queendom.
-Like yourself before you like or love anybody else.

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