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Michaela Coel's New Romance Film Is A Musical

The "Chewing Gum" star will be whisked away into love for Tinge Krishnan film.


For those of you who love Michaela Coel, get ready for some more goodness.

The British talent behind Chewing Gum is working on a musical that will have her singing and dancing. 

As reported by Shadow and ActBeen So Long is a neon-soaked, modern-day romance set on the streets of London’s musical hot-bed of Camden. We follow Simone (Michaela Coel), a dedicated single mother who, on a rare night on the town is charmed by a handsome yet troubled stranger, igniting old and new feelings. 

Set against the backdrop of an ever-changing city, Been So Long is a fresh take on love, life and moving on.

Backed by the British Film Institute, the music featured will be a mix of R&B, dance and soul. Former music video director, Tinge Krishnan will be directing the project through Disruptive Element Films.

“Yeah, I know this will sound a bit ridiculous and probably I’ll change my mind, but really my work is such a big part of my life,” Coel told The Guardian.

“I like making work and it doesn’t sound crazy to me to dedicate my life to doing that. And when I’m dead, this stuff still exists and not a lot of other things do.”

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