Melissa De Sousa has joined the cast of Black Lighting in its fourth and final season. The Panamanian actress will portray Chief Ana Lopez, the new no-nonsense Chief of Police of Freeland who’s been brought in to rebuild the city after the war that took place last season.

“I am going to bring peace and justice by any means necessary,” De Sousa says of her character. “She’s not playing.”

Sharing one of the first things her character does is buy high-powered weapons for her officers, she adds, “She’s not playing games. She’s going to protect the community. She’s going to turn things around and she’s going to protect her people… She’s a kick-ass chick.”

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Another character De Sousa’s known for that plays no games is Shelby from The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday. We asked the New Yorker where things stand with a potential second sequel and she told us the outlook is promising.

“The Best Man police will come and get me if I say too much but it’s in the works. We’ve been talking, the cast has been talking, the studio’s been talking. It’s been really fun seeing the cast on Zoom. I didn’t realize how much I missed them. When we get together it’s just like a family. It’s like my brothers and sisters and we just fall right back into our rhythm.

Obviously, COVID-19 may add another layer of difficulty to seeing The Best Man crew together again, but it’s good to know conversations are being had. While those details get worked out, you can catch De Sousa on Black Lightning which premiers on the CW at 9 pm tonight. Check out our full interview with its newest cast member in the video above.