Power Universe fans only have a few more weeks until the origin story of one of the show’s most beloved villains returns to the screen. Power Book II: Raising Kanan returns for its second season on August 14, with an exclusive sneak peek available to fans today.

ESSENCE spoke with MeKai Curtis, who reprises his role as young Kanan Stark, heir to his mother Raquel Thomas’ (played by Patina Miller) drug empire and hungry for more responsibility and position in the game.

“The overall reception for season one of the show, it was overwhelming,” Curtis said of the fan excitement over the show’s premiere season.

Curtis says that fans are so dedicated to the show’s plot and loyal to their favorite characters, that it’s often difficult for them to divorce the fantasy from reality when they spot him in public. But, it’s a dedication that he enjoys and empathizes with, as a fan of the show himself.

EXCLUSIVE: Raising Kanan Season 2 Sneak Peek

“[It’s crazy] for everybody to actually be coming up to me outside and be like, ‘yo, I can’t believe you did this,’ and I’m like, “well, first, I didn’t do it, Kanan did,'” he laughed. “But on the other side, it’s dope that people are that excited that they come up to me and see me as Kanan in that moment.”

As Curtis tells it, season 2 of Raising Kanan sees many of the first season’s proverbial chickens coming home to roost, and characteristics and plot points seen later on in Power begin to take true form.

“In this season, you get to see everybody wrestle with the decisions they’ve made and the consequences of what they did in the first season and how that relays and correlates to the person that each individual has become now.”

“I’m just excited each and every time people get to see more of how Kanan turned into the Kanan people saw on the original Power,” Curtis explained. “There’s so many unanswered questions and so many things that were left folded in the first season, that I’m excited for people to get to discover those, even more, this year, and I’m excited to see the conversations that it sparks.”

Raising Kanan season 2 premieres August 14, 2022 only on STARZ. Take a look at exclusive episodic photos from the upcoming season below: