Maya Angelou’s Life Story Is Coming To Broadway In 2021
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Broadway is going to take on Maya Angelou’s legendary story for the stage.

The life of the renowned poet and writer, who died in 2014, will be turned into a one-woman show, titled Phenomenal Woman: An Evening With Maya Angelou, “drawing from the late Angelou’s many writings, along with some private musings that have never before been made public,“ a statement released Wednesday said.

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“My mother lived an extraordinary life,” said Guy Johnson, Angelou’s son, who is also involved in the project. “She brought a sense of passion to living and invested herself wholly in it. What she wanted most was justice for all human beings, and the freedom to experience joy and laughter.”

“We hope to capture her joie de vivre. We’re going to include some private anecdotes that will be a revelation to audiences. I’m pleased to be working with this team in bringing her story to life and can’t wait for the public to experience it,” he added.

The production is aiming to raise the curtain in 2021.


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