Master P and romantic comedy aren’t two things you’d automatically think go together, but the entrepreneur who is one of the most successful rappers in history knows a good investment when he sees it. Plus, as it turns out, he can relate to the storyline of his latest venture.

Never and Again is a new film that just debuted on BET+ and Master P and his son Romeo Miller serve as executive producers. The Rom-Com, which has an accompanying soundtrack, stars Jackie Long, Denise Boutté, Christian Keyes, Ella Joyce, Bebe Drake, Bishop Don Magic Juan, and Vanessa Simmons. 

Never and Again is about finding love young and then moving on and you saying ‘never and again,’ but you just never know,” Master P tells ESSENCE. “You see that person again and you realize everything you were looking for has been right around you the whole time. I can relate to this and I know a lot of other people can relate to this. I think we be searching for love in all the wrong places… people look for people to make them happy but you gotta make yourself happy.”

We joked with Master P that we weren’t prepared for him to start preaching, but it turns out that word was just one of many gems he had to drop as he talked to us about his latest project. As with most of the 50-year-old’s ventures, this movie is one of many he plans to back, and his involvement isn’t just about building personal wealth, but about empowering the Black community.

“We only own 5 percent of production in Hollywood and we gotta change that narrative by creating movies that we make,” he says. “You look at what Tyler Perry was able to do with BET+…we said you know what? Why not go through that same system and we share and celebrate each other on this platform and be able to put content that we can make and create and own so I think we’re going to change the narrative.”

Pointing out the disparies that exist in actor pay and the lack of ownership we have over the movies we star in, Master P says, “My thing is about economic empowerment so we’re gonna show them that it’s time to bring some diversity in a lot of these businesses, from production to movies and film to even products.”

Most importantly, he adds, “If they can do it, we can do it. We can’t change the past but we can change the future.”

Never and Again is currently available for streaming on BET+. Check out a preview of the soundtrack here.