The Latest Trailer For ‘Black Panther’ Has Twitter In A Frenzy
Disney/Marvel Studios

A new Black Panther trailer has arrived!

Monday night, Marvel dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming film, leaving Twitter in a frenzy. “Long live the king,” tweeted the official Black Panther account. 

While the trailer has some old footage, it teases music from the Kendrick Lamar and TDE produced and curated soundtrack, including a song from rapper Vince Staples. The trailer also introduces Andy Serkis as the film’s primary villain, Ulysses Klaue, an arms dealer working in South Africa. 

Pre-sale tickets for the film became available following the release of the new trailer and you can be sure that fans are rushing to grab theirs. One Twitter user wrote, “I went ahead and bought my tickets for ‘Black Panther’ super early because this might be one of those rare times that Black people are early/on time for something.”





The film is set to be a box office hit with Chadwick Boseman playing the film’s titular superhero and a stellar group of women, including Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira, as members of the Dora Milaje, T’Challa’s elite group of female bodyguards.

Nyong’o told Teen Vogue that the film will involve strong relationships between female characters.

“Ryan made a point of avoiding the expected female-rival narrative,” she said. “In this genre, where spandex is involved, oftentimes the women are pitted against each other. In our story, there are so many different women holding their own space. Women may be in competition with each other, sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an absence of love or respect.”