Marlon Wayans Said ‘I Got My Roses Today’ After Twitter Threatened to Cancel Terrence J
Marlon Wayans / photo credit: Cara Howe

Social media dragged Terrence J by his well-manicured beard after an Instagram Live “argument” about nepotism with Marlon Wayans went viral. It turns out, the clip was a parody called “What Haters” would say written by Wayans

“Take Shawn’s nipple out of your mouth. Get off Keenen Ivory Wayans’ lap for just two seconds,” Terrence yelled into camera. “Bro some of us have to make it on our own, that’s all I’m saying. Some of us have to make it on our own. We can’t have our family fucking lift us up all the time. Bro, some of us gotta make it on our own! Self-made millionaire, bro. It’s called A&T! North Carolina A&T!”

Wayans remained cool the entire time and refused to let the former 106 & Park host disrespect his “tribe,” saying: “We taught other muthafuckas how to do it.” 

Still, Terrence had appeared to spiral out of control, especially when he began barking (because he’s a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity) and pulled an unsuspecting grey dog onscreen. 

Stans of the famous family proceeded to erase Terrence from existence, until the Wayans drove to his “best friend’s” house (despite having a swollen mouth due to oral surgery) to clear the air. 

The Sextuplets star appreciated how hard people rode for his clan. “I feel like I got my roses today. People, y’all love me and I love y’all too.”

What fans didn’t know was that Wayans and Terrence’s bond, which spans more than a decade, includes vacationing and protesting together. And their relationship is strong enough to handle a lil’ faux verbal combat.

“I don’t know what the brothers are gonna do to you,” Wayans joked, holding a bag of ice to his mouth. “Them niggas are gonna jump you. Keenen wears a size 13, 14, so when he gets you, when he stomps you, that shit is gonna hurt.”

“Love all day to the Wayans, especially Marlon who’s the funniest. You like that?” Terrence said in his “apology video.” Then, the NC A&T alum revealed the youngest Wayans brother holding a shotgun and pretending to be upset with him.

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A sincere apology from @terrencej 😂

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We’re glad it’s all love between these two friends.