Hello Kitty: Mariah Carey Makes Her ‘Empire’ Debut
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Mariah Carey made her television debut on Empire last night and the internet lost its mind.

The legendary singer took on the role of Kitty, a musician who comes to Empire to record a duet with Jussie Smollett’s character Jamal. Jamal is struggling to get back into the studio due to PTSD after he was shot in Season 2.

Carey’s character plays a nurturing figure who helps Jamal while they make sweet music together.

Empire creator Lee Daniels hinted that Carey would be joining the show almost a year ago. She starred in his 2009 film Precious, and also has a strong working relationship with the show’s executive producer/director Sanaa Hamri who directed Carey’s “Thank God I Found You” remix. 

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“We’ve talked about her coming back,” Hamri told Variety. “She’s a very busy lady, and it was hard enough to get that one day with her — we shot that all in one day because of her schedule. But we want to have her back.”

And with the way Twitter reacted, they need to make it happened ASAP. Kitty’s character matched Carey’s own public personality in many ways, including the extra-tight bodysuit.

But for her first major television appearance, Carey was not on camera for long. Check it out below:



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