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Get Ready, Ladies! Luke James Is Joining Lee Daniels’ ‘Star'

My body is ready.
Get Ready, Ladies! Luke James Is Joining Lee Daniels’ ‘Star’
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Ladies, Wednesday nights are about to get hella sexy.

As if Lee Daniels’ Star wasn’t addictive enough, a new group of handsome fellas are set to appear on the show.

Daniels announced that Luke James, Elijah Kelley and Evan Ross would be appearing on the show, but not much detail was given.

But, during the Television Critics Association press tour, Karin Gist, the show’s executive producer, revealed that James’ character would be caught in a love triangle with two of the show’s leading ladies. 

According to Deadline, Gist said fans will see Star’s leading ladies “battling to stay together and using their ‘Wonder Woman’ bracelets to battle a love triangle with this awesome new character played by Luke James.”

No further details were given about Kelley or Ross’ roles.

Kelley appeared in BET’s The New Edition Story alongside James, while Ross has appeared in the box office franchise The Hunger Games.