Mel Jones is bringing in the new year right.

Having worked on Dear White People and Burning Sands, the talent is excited to debut her new show Leimert Park.

Based in the Los Angeles’ neighborhood of the same name, the show is about three best friends living under the same roof. Ashley Blaine Featherson (Dear White People, Hello Cupid) plays Mickey who hasn’t had an orgasm with her hubby in three months, Ashli Haynes plays Bridget who falls for a visiting artist in residence and Asia’h Epperson (Greenleaf) plays Kendra who’s documenting her wild sexual experiences. 

“I wanted to see images of Black women being the objects of desire and seeking pleasure with no shame,” said director and co-creator Jones.  “Leimert Park reflects the Black women I know and love and I hope it inspires women everywhere to practice self-love and self-care and embrace their sexuality.”
Inspired by Jones real-life experiences she adds, “I’ve been mentored by and partnered with Stephanie Allain at Homegrown Pictures for seven years and she encouraged me to create this show which was my authentic story to tell.  Aaliyah Williams, who runs digital at MACRO, heard this story before it was even a script and championed the series and advocated for me as a first time director. I’m forever grateful to both of these incredibly supportive women.”

Leimert Park premieres at Sundance Film Festival this month.

Watch the exclusive trailer above and look out for more info here.

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