Get Excited! Big Boi Says A Lee Daniels-Directed Outkast Movie Might Be In The Works
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Everyone’s getting the biopic treatment nowadays, but an Outkast biopic could change the game.

Big Boi recently told HipHopDX that he and Andre 3000 had been tossing around the idea of a biopic with director Lee Daniels at the helm. 

“I got a couple of people in mind that I’ma talk to, one of them being Lee Daniels who I just did the TV show Star with,” the rapper said. “So yeah all that’s coming and we just know it’s time to do it. It’s coming!”

Hmmm, a Lee Daniels-directed Outkast biopic? Sign us up!

Big Boi added that he’s not quite sure who he’d want to play him in the film, but at the moment he’s thinking of taking a page from Ice Cube. 

“Maybe one of my sons could do it cause they look exactly like me and they know all the words to all the raps so they probably could pull it off, and they know me so I may have to do the Cube move and pick one of my sons to play me.”

In other Outkast news, Big Boi is set to come out with a new album this summer called Boomiverse