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I Turn My Camera On, Episode 8: 'Insecure' Star Sarunas Jackson & Lance Gross Talk Maintaining Platonic Friendships 


On this week’s episode of, I Turn My Camera On, Lance Gross invites Insecure star Sarunas Jackson to his photo studio for an interesting conversation about friendship.

“Friends are the ones that hold you down,” Lance says. “Friends are the ones that you depend on. So, I think that’s very important in your life.”

Sarunas, who is holding down the role of everyone’s favorite playboy Dro as Insecure heads into its’ 3rd season, says a positive support system is his definition of friendship. 

“When I hear friendship, that’s a support system. That’s the village,” he says. “There’s no negative energy, there’s no hate, there’s no jealousy, there’s none of that. There’s no need for that; there’s enough for [all] of us. And as soon as somebody doesn’t match a certain vibe, I’m like, it’s nice to meet you but, I don’t go any further than just a handshake.”

The two actors also touch on the topic of whether or not it’s possible for men to maintain platonic friendships with the opposite sex, both within and outside of the confines of a relationship or marriage.

“I do think it’s possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex,” Sarunas says. “I do think that, because, I have very close friends that are women. As far as not going there, I do think that’s possible but, then when people know that they are physically attracted to one another, is there enough discipline?”

Watch the full conversation in the video above, and click HERE to see all 8 episodes. 

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